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Water Filtration &
Water Conditioning

Choose the system that works best for your water.



Whole House Water Filtration & Salt Softening • Ultimate Scale & Chemical Controller in One

Mx water softeners are salt-based systems that help to remove chemicals and scale causing calcium, thoroughly softening water. Mx softeners help to remove and reduce various chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, and VOCs that could be present in your water. With these chemicals removed, your water is safer to drink and heathier for your skin. Water soften-ers have many great benefits like eliminating scale buildup to increase efficiency of your water heater, dishwasher, and all water-using appliances. You will also cut down on all soap usage by two-thirds and keep your clothes cleaner and brighter.

• Professional’s choice WS1 Matrix Valve
• KDF removes chlorine, iron, metals and controls bacteria and algae
• Carbon removes chemicals, organics and improves taste and odor
• Softening media removes calcium and magnesium and reduces sediment to 20 micron
• Distributor bottom plate for 32k


• Time based service alarm
• Midplate to separate medias in tank on 32k
• Upgraded 10% softening media
• Upgraded catalytic carbon
• Filters and conditions
• 15” x 17” brine tank

Unit Size Flow Rate Tank Size Carbon
32k 12gpm 10"x54" 1/2 cb ft
64k 20gpm 13"x54" 1 cb ft cubes

Pro V Hybrid Conditioning


Filtration & Salt Free Scale Control • Drinking water from every tap

Filter Prep Pro V

Salt-free systems

• Filtration and scale control all in one hybrid system
• Non-salt system, requires no maintenance
• WS1 control valve design provides optimum service and reliability
• Reticulated cube media = higher flow rates
• No magnetics = no rust components in tank
• Service flow up to 27gpm
• Five media filtration

Filter prep pro v reduces and removes chemicals like chloramines that absorb into your body, drying out your skin and having possible health effects. Filter prep also reduces scale build up, heavy metals, and sediments that could be in your water. With these contaminates removed and reduced your water is safer, healthier, and cleaner to bath, drink, and wash.

Unit Size Flow Rate # baths Size
10"x54" 12gpm 4 3/4-1"
13"x54" 20gpm 6 1-1/4"-1-1/2"

Removes & Controls

• Sediment
• Chloramines
• Chlorine
• Heavy Metals
• Taste/Odor
• Scale
• Chemicals
• Bacteria
• Algae

SP3 Combo


Zero Water Waste Filtration, Salt Free Scale Control & Prevention • Drinking Water from Every Tap

Scale Prevention & Reduction

SP3 systems completely takes care of the primary cause of scale forming cations. SP3 systems are a environmentany friendly, cost effective solution for scale causing hard water. No backwashing, salt or electricity is required for yearly savings.
SP3 systems keep healthy minerals in your water and are com-bined with Filter Prep to remove contaminates like chlorine, pesticides, and metals. The SP3 system is a true healthy green alternative to traditional water filtration methods. Twin tank SP3 combo systems are the best in saltless scale control and zero waste filtration. These systems use no salt, require no mainte-nance, and waste no water.

Model # baths Flow Rate Tank Size Carbon
SP3 1000 Up to 4 16gpm 10"x54" 1-1/2 cb ft
SP3 1200 Up to 6 22gpm 12"x52" 2cb ft

Medias upgraded catalytic carbon, kdf cubes, quarts bed, SP3 scale media. Sizing is approximate and can change depending on water usage. Larger systems are available for commercial and residential.

Commercial and well options are available in all systems.


Drinking Water Systems


• Delicious, sparkling-clear drinking water
• Convenience: Fresh, clean water at your faucet
• Cost effective: No more bottled water costs
• Environmentally sound: No chemicals
• Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea and juice
• Quality water for your aquarium
• Cleanly rinsed fresh fruits and vegetables
• Crystalline, harder and clearer ice cubes
• Prolong the life of your humidifier or steam iron
• Spotless glassware when rinsed with RO water
• Better tasting soups, sauces and meals
• Great for family pets

Our 5 stage RO with Alkaline removes microscopic contaminants that could be in your water like arsenic, lead, mercury, and chemicals like chloramines, pfos, and pesticides. After these contaminants are removed the 6th stage alkaline filter adds healthy minerals back to your water boosting the pH making your water safe and healthy to drink.

5-stage RO
with Alkaline

• Healthy minerals stay in water
• Raises pH
• Standard filter replacement
• Upgraded faucet
• 50 gallons a day

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Types of Water Filter System Available

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